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Alpha Body Language

Body language is one such skill that adds to our communication skills. Out of all the people in the world, only 25 to 30 percent of people know body language. If you also get this skill, then you will also be able to appear confident in front of anyone. And seeing you, people will not say that this person is not confident. Due to this your value will increase even more in the eyes of people. And people will start believing you.

Body language is nonverbal communication. Body language plays a role of 55 percent in the way you speak and talk. Tone of voice 38% and 7% only work in your words communication skills. Now you must have come to know how important is body language in our lives. Most nonverbal communication has more than 90% importance in communication skills. You do not feel that you should also learn this skill. If you learn this once, then you can read the body language of any person immediately. So are you one of those people who know body language but can’t understand it? Or are you just not aware of body language? So we will tell you how body language works. So let’s go on this fun journey of body language.

1. Eye Contact:-

Alpha Body Language

Eye contact is a part of body language. By making eye contact, you can easily understand what the other person is saying. How? Let us tell you.

  • If you are meeting someone for the First time, make end eye contact for 3 to 4 seconds and then break for a few seconds. By which the person in front will take that how confident is this person?
  • You should not make this mistake while making eye contact. Many people start looking down while talking. it is a very bad thing that will make Many people think that you are not a confident person.
  • Your eyebrows play an important role in eye contact. If a person is lying to you then the pupils of his eyes go up to the top corner.
  • If you are talking by making eye contact, then you should look 30% into the eyes of the person in front of you. And when the person in front is speaking to you, you should look into his eyes 70% So that the person in front feels that you are interested in him.

2. Facial expression

Alpha Body Language

With facial expressions, you can identify the person’s anger, fear, happiness, displeasure, and many more. Whenever someone is angry in a facial expression, a line is formed on his head. But the same when someone is happy, his cheeks are slightly raised. Hair, nose, mouth, lips, and cheeks are also seen in facial expressions. In facial expression, by looking at the face of the person in front, you can identify whether that person is angry or not.

3. Pay attention to your looks.

Many people do not pay attention to their looks. Because looks are also a part of body language. Because in today’s time, the person who shows good looks, people consider him to be a good personality. That’s why you should also pay attention to your look. Try to wear the best clothes you have. I am not telling you to wear only branded clothes. Wear only the clothes that suit you for wear and always wear clean clothes. Due to this the people who see you will tell only after seeing your personality. How confident is this person? Because to be confident you have to develop your personal.

Alpha Body Language

4. Be Open

You must have often seen others who always keep close body language. Due to this, there is a lack of confidence in that person. That is why you should always keep open body language. Because open body language tells your personality and confidence.


5. Hand Moments

Alpha Body Language

When we did not know how to speak, at that time we used to do everything with the help of our hands. With hand movement, you can tell your point to the other. If you bring your hands to your face or rub your hands, you appear stressed or worried. If you cross arms then you tell yourself insecure. If you want people to understand your strong personality by looking at the position of your hands? So always keep your hands in the shape of a triangle.

6. Posture

Alpha Body Language

Now just remember those personalities who used to consider themselves as everything. He did not allow anyone to walk in front of him. The posture of such people was always straight and did not bow down to anyone. But you just remember those personalities who were interested in you. His inclination was towards you. Similarly, whenever a person is talking to you, you should also lean a little towards him. The person in front of you will feel that you are interested in his talk. Posture plays an important role in our body language.

7. Leg posture while sitting.

By looking at both feet of a person, we can find out which person is thinking what. That’s why feet play an important role in body language.

If a person is sitting on a v-shaped foot, then he does want to pull people towards him. Such people want most people to join them. But if the leg of a person is straight then he is satisfied. It doesn’t make any difference to such people to join or separate from someone. But someone their foot size a-shaped. People who sit like this lack confidence.

If someone is sitting with his legs open while talking. So it is a person of domination nature. Such people want everyone to listen to them only.

If a person is sitting by leg cross. And their feet are downwards, so such people are introverts. Such people are more shy. But by placing the other foot on top of the same foot, a person makes an angle of 90 degrees. So that person is confident.

Alpha Body Language

8. Smile

Is someone laughing just like this or is he laughing after listening to your words? How do you know this?

If a person is laughing after listening to you, then wrinkles will start near his eyes. But the same crinkles are not falling near the eyes of the other person. It means that the person is not interested in you. He’s just doing this to show you off.

Research tells this. If a person laughs for more than 6-7 seconds after listening to you. So that person is satisfied with your words. But the same other person laughs for 3 to 6 seconds. That person is not happy with you and is just showing off. But the same person laughs for one to two seconds after listening to you. Or the person is angry with you and does not agree with your words.

9. Copying Gesture

When you are talking to another person, do you just notice what the body gestures of that other person are saying? Any person like you hand moment, leg moments, walking and speaking all the way are beans. So that person is attracted to you. But the same thing is being opposed to this moment of yours. So the person in front is not attracted to you.

Alpha Body Language

10. Playing with hair

Many people keep doing something or the other with their hair while talking.

Any man is moving his hair away from his face. So that person is open-minded. But the same other person is holding the hair with one hand and fixing it with the other hand. Such people feel very nervous. Most of the girls keep playing with their hair. And with the help of their hair, they speak such things that very few people can know.

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