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In today’s time, people’s attention span is getting very short due to which they cannot concentrate on one place. Because of this, you cannot make good friends nor can you communicate well with anyone. But today I will tell you a technique knowing which you can make anyone more attractive to you in just 90 seconds.

First of all, why attract people to you?

Suppose, if you have gone to a meeting and you are not able to convince people of your point. So you lack communication skills.

If you want to attract anyone to you in 90 seconds, then you should follow the below-mentioned tips carefully. And you should practice it continuously. Because you will not be able to learn any work in one go. For this, you have to practice continuously.

Whenever you communicate with an unknown person by meeting? The first 90 seconds between the two of you is called a rapport. In these 90 seconds, you come to know whether the person in front likes you or not.


1. Meeting

The meeting is only 3 to 4 seconds during which 2 people come in front to talk to each other. There are 4 processes in a meeting.

BE OPEN( Meeting)

Whenever we talk to someone, we should always talk with open body language. We should not talk in close body language so that the person in front does not know that we are fearful. Rather you should always talk with open body language.

Eye Contact(Meeting)

Talking personality eye contact will make you feel confident. Talking by making eye contact shows a positive attitude to the person in front. If you do not talk by making eye contact. then you should make eye contact while talking little by little. Once you settle this habit, then you can eye contact and talk to anyone ship.


This means if you make eye contact with someone, then give a small smile to the person in front of him. So that the person in front feels that you are not angry and you are a person with a calm personality.


I mean if we lean slightly towards a person. So the person in front feels that we are taking an interest in his talk.

How to attract 90 second

2. Report

This is the most important part. The report means that in emotion we humans make decisions not from our minds but from our hearts. And helps in building an emotional relationship while the rapport forms. If someone is sad and you become a little sad with him, then you can make a good connection with him. So let us tell you further how to build rapport well.


Do you know how we style whenever our friend or relative is sad or happy? So from his attitude. If every person is happy or sad, then it has a direct effect on the mind and then on his body language. That’s why you always try to stay away from negative emotions like anger. And you should always have a positive attitude like confidence!


Suppose, you like to watch any Drama, TV Series or Movie. So you will get along well with those who watch Drama, TV, Serial or Movie. Because the psychological effect is that we like those who are like us more. But we don’t like those who don’t do things we like. That’s why say something that we should do the same thing which the person in front likes. To sync with others, you have to take care of three steps.


55% of our communication depends on things like body language and visuals. 38% of communication depends on our voice tone. And the remaining 7% depends on verbal communication.

That’s why the most important thing in this is our body language. You can use mirroring techniques to correct body language. You do not have to do much in this. You just have to copy the body language of the person in front. If he leans towards you while talking, then you should also lean towards him, which will increase his interest in talking. But be careful, because if the person in front is coughing first, you don’t start coughing too, otherwise, he will understand.

Now if we talk about the vocal, then we have to focus on your communication skills. You will talk only after understanding what is the mood of the person in front of you. With which you will be able to talk in his mood. This means if the person in front is talking to you happily then you should also talk happily.

You have to do one more thing. If the person in front is speaking slowly to you, then you too try to speak a little slowly. And when the person in front of you has spoken fast, then you also try to speak fast. Like hey, where was Shyam for so many days?

Let’s talk now. Verbal from In this, only 7% depend on communication skills. when people do not consider it important? This is wrong because while talking use correct words. So that you can connect with people, you should speak thoughtfully. Because the spoken word and the bullet fired from the gun never returned. That’s why you always keep in mind the verbal while speaking.



By the way, as important as the report is, this part is also important. In this part, you have to learn how to communicate with people. Communication is a skill one becomes master in it. He attracts people with his words. Although communication is a very big part. But if you want to learn it then you can click here.