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Communication skills are such a skill whether. you are a student, employee, or business Man or whatever. If you are at any age, everyone must learn an action plan to improve communication skills. Whether it is your professional life or personal life, If you know the ant of talking then everyone will be impressed with you. For this you 5 ways to improve your communication skills.



Talking and expressing your feelings is an art. It is not at all necessary that everyperson knows the art of talking. There is no degree in the art of conversation. Even if you are not educated, then it can be improved by keeping some things in mind.


What is the difference between talking and communication skills? if you are talking to someone, then you are giving your message to them. which is not called communication. ” communication is a two-way process” where you exchange information. in this, we speak our words and listen to others. where both the work is being done. it is called communication.


When you are on a date, you can know only by communicating to know about the person in front whether he is a good partner or not. when you go to a job interview. you can communicate and prove that you are fit for the job.

There are layers of good communication skills.

  • Ethos
  • Pathos
  • Logos

1. Ethos means ‘Ethics ‘ it shows the confidence of a man in what he is speaking, and how confidently he is speaking.

2. Pathos means ‘ Empathy ‘ it means that while communicating with anyone, how well can talk to him.

3. Logos means’ Logic ‘ it shows the power and strength of the talker, and how much the talker can understand the other. things like his body language, and facial expression, also matter, this is the foundation of good communication skills. Whenever you talk, you should talk with confidence so that people listen and when the person in front is speaking, then listen to them and try to understand their feelings.


This is very important for communication skills. if you master this, then you will never have to use words like bolo and bolo, and sunavand batav, to talk.

Conversational threading Means 10 more things to come out of what people say let us present an example for this, suppose you meet a man somewhere. in any party or anywhere whom you do not know and you want to have a conversation with him. But if you have nothing to talk about then you can start with a small talk by looking at that person.

saying this you are standing here alone why don’t you enjoy with other people. to which he simply replied, just today there was more work in the office. I am very tired. now here you don’t have to ask questions only. but you have to listen to them and find out more. And you have to say by combining their words that today I am also feeling very tired. what do you do, then the person in front will say, I am in the tech field, or can say anything.

take special care of one thing here if the person in front does not ask you anything about you, then do not tell them about yourself. That is to say that this is a very interesting job and you would love to work in it. Now whether he answers yes or no, you can talk for a long time out of his own words, so that the person in front will also like you very much.

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When you are talking to someone, you are telling something to someone, but he does not want to listen to you or is looking here and there, playing the phone. And it is visible on his face that the person in front is not interested in this but you are trying to impress him. But if he does not agree, then the person in front feels very bad when you are not interested in his talk.

“Communication is a two-way game.” when one of the two people is not interested in talking, then the conversation will go towards the dead end. and After talking more, that conversation and that person will not be remembered. that’s why you should become such a person whom he talks to and goes to his home, then he remembers you and thinks that he was such an interesting person.

if you want to make the conversation interesting, then you and the person in front of you are also interested in the same thing, then your talk will also be very interesting. if someone doesn’t ask you for advice don’t give it because no one likes a boring person.

4.) When we are not in the mood to talk to anyone, this tension is called broker time. like you have a girlfriend and you both study in the same tuition and later break up. And later you go to a party and your x girlfriend asks that you both study in the same class. so you have to answer in the same way that yes tuition is included, now we paying attention to studies. if she asks you the same question again, then you have to answer in the same motion that yes, tuition is the same we are just focusing on studies. if you are asked the same question again, then you also have to answer the same.

*NOTES:- You will of ten say thank you, but if you say something else with thank you, then your conversation will be even more interesting. as like:- Thank you for coming, thank you for being so understanding, thank you for waiting and more than.


5.)You talk to people in such a way that they are like your family. if you meet a person, then you ask about his work, then he says, I am a lawyer by profession. but if the person in front of you asks what do you do not have to say that I am an engineer. Rather you have to say that I am also an engineer by profession. Due to which the people in front will be greatly impressed by this and you will not be looked down upon in front of them and your value will also increase.

if you keep all these things in mind, then you can increase your communication skills. if you more than gain knowledge so Learn more.