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The Essence of Existence: Why Spirituality Matters

Most people think that they go to their religious places and worship. That is what people call spirituality. I’m afraid that’s not right, in this way, you are not a spiritual person but a religious person.

What is spirituality?

The Essence of Existence: Why Spirituality Matters

meaning of spiritual – Spiritual elevates you even above your religion. A spiritual person thinks selflessly of others without caring for himself, thinks about the welfare of the whole world, One does well to others.

Mother Teresa was a woman who used to think about others instead of thinking about herself first. Nature has given this feeling to every person. It’s just the lack of awakening that feeling. You will remember If you have helped someone selflessly, then you must have felt very good.

Signs of The Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening Can come at any time in your life. When there is a big change inside you! For example, someone has gotten divorced or someone close to him has died. Or has something happened that has changed your life drastically?

In the spiritual beginning, you start living alone. You lose connection with God. Do you start questioning from your mind?

Spiritual awakening stages

Although spirituality is also different for every person, I will try to tell all the topics.

The Essence of Existence: Why Spirituality Matters

1. Unhappiness and Feeling Lost:- You will feel that you have lost your connection with people and you do worry all day. You must be looking for something in your life, but you do not know what you are running after.

2. Shifting Perspectives:- In this state, you will feel that your perspective of seeing the world has changed. You will be able to see how much lies there are in the world, how much is imaginary and you will think back to your old days. how much have I changed?

3. Seeking Answers and Understand:- In this stage, you will start questioning yourself. What am I, who am I, what is my purpose, you will start searching for such questions.

4. Finding Answers:- In this stage, you will find many such people from whom you will get to learn a lot. And because of them, you will start getting answers to some of your questions.

5. Deep Inner Work:- In this stage, you try many things and you think that nothing will happen by sitting. For example, you meditate and develop skills, You also try to understand yourself. After this, what you had understood, you feel whether I should continue in this or not? What you learn at inner work, you apply in daily life and it becomes your habit.

In this stage, your connection with God starts forming again. You think how lost I was on some days and you also think that I was always with God.

4 Benefits of Spirituality

The Essence of Existence: Why Spirituality Matters

1. Self-awareness skills:- Who am I, what is my goal in life? What is my value? This will become clear with spiritual knowledge.

2. Universal Awareness Skills:- That we are not disconnected from the world. Everything is interconnected.

3. Self Mastery skills:- We have a lower self. which wants to be lazy. indulge in pleasure and there’s a higher self that wants to become something to achieve some things to control the lower self with a higher self.

4. Professional Mastery skills:- To utilize your professional education in a meaningful manner. We get all these benefits from spiritual knowledge.

Examples of spirituality

There are many different types of spirituality. Some examples of how people get in touch with their spirituals include.

  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • New age spirituality
  • Prayer
  • Service to their community
  • Spending time in nature
  • Spiritual retreats
  • Yoga

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Spirituality in Practice

Spiritual practice can range from something as basic as scheduling some time for introspection to something more complex like doing volunteer work. It all comes down to figuring out what particularly speaks to you and letting that practice lead the way to a deeper comprehension of both the cosmos and yourself.


A fundamental component of human life, spirituality provides a counterpoint to the often overpowering influence of materialism and technology. It serves as a foundation for delving into the important issues that shape our existence and serves as a reminder that life is about more than just what we can see and touch. By accepting spirituality, we give ourselves access to a world with more purpose, harmony, and well-being.

In summary, spirituality is a useful strategy for leading a well-rounded, purposeful, and happy life rather than only an idealistic notion. It is a fundamental aspect of human nature that still provides direction, solace, and motivation to those who seek it out.