How to avoid distraction in our life

Today we consider the biggest areas of distraction to be mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc. which is also true. But it is totally wrong to say that distraction happens only because of mobile. Friends, research was done in 2014 to understand distraction, in which some men and women participated. All those participants were left alone in a room and in their room there was only one gadget except them with which they could give themselves an electric short if they got bored. Now this sounds quite strange to hear that why would someone give himself an electric short. And it was found out from the test that 65% men and 25% women gave themselves an electric short, but they did so because they had something to work with. No, he got ready to give himself an electric short to get rid of his boredom. From this we came to know that whenever we get bored or the energy level within us goes low then we become ready to do some such work which can even cause harm to us. You must have also noticed that when you read a boring subject then at that time you get distracted more. Now if you have understood why and how you get distracted then now is the time to understand how finally you can end the distraction.

1. How To Stop Social Media Attraction

Social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp etc have become the biggest distraction these days. The engineers working on these social media apps have told you that these apps are designed in such a way that if users enter it once, they cannot leave it, therefore it must be the same with you also that when you go, you go to reply to someone’s message but when you look at them, you notice that these apps waste a lot of your time. If you don’t even get the hint of it, then we will tell you 3 points to put an end to this dangerous distract

2. Turn off all your distraction notifications

If someone is distracting you the most, you can turn off their notifications or you can put your phone on do not disturb mode. You must know that for doing any work 3 factors are most important which are ‘CUE’ ‘ROUTINE’ ‘REWARD’ so as you get the cue of notification, similarly your desire to do that work increases further and by continuously doing such work it becomes a habit of yours, so if you cut its cue then your good desire will start reducing considerably and you will be able to control it for a long time, but friends you are also one of those who do not need any cue, after some time you automatically keep opening your social media page, then your for this the next two tips will be very importan.

How to avoid distraction in our life
  • logout From account- You can log out from your social media account, it has some advantages like when you log out of your account then you will not get any type of notification from your account and you will not be able to check your account again. Well, those habits will also stop to a large extent.
  • Uninstall the app – When you cannot see it, you will not be able to use it or get distracted.

3. Focus on your work

Distractions are actually a part of almost every workplace regardless of how much the management tries to prevent them. Wasting time on blinking screens, emails, and chattering colleagues can ruin the working process and shave off minutes from the day. In this way you will feel you own your day and be able to minimize interruptions or stay focused at work, even if the latter can be tricky. It is complicated because, in most cases, you cannot avoid checking on emails from clients or attending meetings for hours. However, by making a schedule that has empty spaces in a day that you can work on other things and close other tabs from notification distractions, there is increased productivity in some ways that are more favorable.

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4. Stay away from the source of your distractions

Move out of a particular environment with one or multiple distractions that are depriving you of focus. For example, some people pack the necessary work or the things required for an artistic production session, and go to the library or a quiet café to continue working in peace. Depending on how heavy your distractions are, you’ll be able to escape them literally by creating a barrier around you. There aren’t always ways to cope with a particular distraction, sometimes the only thing one can do is cut and run.Thus, while you may not be able to ‘escape’ some of the worst distractions in your life , here are some things you can do to banish them from your thoughts. I prefer you don’t take your phone to class with you or have any other devices such as iPad or tablet, switch off your Wi-Fi connection and close any other website you have opened if it is not related to what you are doing in class.Work environment best can therefore be defined as a working space characterized by minimal interferences. This can mean constantly receiving calls, text and emails or remaining connected through cell phones, computers and social media but it can also encompass anything that wakes up the memory of what you would rather be doing.

How to avoid distraction in our life

5. Do your important work first

Organize your schedule and activities, and know beforehand what needs to be achieved and which tasks are important or difficult to accomplish. By doing so, there will be at least some degree of guaranteed that the most important work had been completed. Be able to decide smart so that any remaining work can be completed in a minimum of time and effort. After sometime the feeling of having to go through all the work that has remained undone will fade away.Such situations as when you have to outline a proposal and schedule some meetings and then answer e-mails, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. In this respect, before using the rest of the day chasing schedule and pursuing correspondences that require completion, it is helpful to fill up the outline first.

6. Take a break sometimes

It is recommended to take short and often breaks and during those breaks one should attend to their physical needs and often it is important to re-motivate oneself. You should carry out work for about an hour after which you take a break of between twelve to fifteen minutes. If you find yourself still awake, use that time to visit the wash room or take a glass of water or even have a snack or even close your eyes for some time. Do not use it for texting someone or to check a program guide for what is on TV tonight. The more one derails one’s thoughts, the harder it will become to bring them back on track. It should be understood that the majority of people is capable to concentrate only during an hour or an hour at most. One can self-sabotage after this point because you can end up making errors or miss something important if you continue working.If possible, take a brisk walk or some light stretching during the breaks so that your blood circulation does not stall. This can assist you to keep your mind fresh and not to lag behind when one wants to resume with the activities in question.

How to avoid distraction in our life

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