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How to make connection with any people

Some people have this problem that they have to talk to someone, sometimes they have to talk to themselves, sometimes they have to talk forcefully due to the situation but they do not understand what to talk, how to talk, How to talk nicely so that people like it. See, when most people talk to someone, they always try to show themselves in an intresting instantly, like I did this, I did that, I went here, I went there etc. There is something like this about myself, he likes saying something about himself, he has giantess in his talks. While the author says that “great communication is a secret” , it is more important to be interested in others than being interesting yourself, yes you should be interesting, have knowledge of different fields, do many different things, all these make you interesting to talk about yourself I will give a topic for this, but remember that your being interesting does not matter much, it is important to be interested in the person in front of you. As “Del Kargen” had said, it is the best and most important feeling for a person to hear his own name in any language in the whole world, so sometimes you should take the name of the person in front of you and use his name, because we Everyone likes to hear their name and this is a good way to talk to them. We can ask them some questions by talking to them properly and can also get to know about them through conversations, in this way we can also stay connected with them.

1. Eye contact

Eyes play an important role in the natural way in which humans talk. This role is like building trust between the speaker and the listener. This is an important tool to build trust. So you will understand in the next few steps that when we are talking, we should look at someone before talking. What role should our eyes play  Often when we talk to someone, the person talking to us pays attention to our body language along with our words. In this, he notices our hands, faces, body language and gestures but among all these, the language of our eyes is of utmost importance. Because the gaze of the person talking to us is directly on our face. So to impress someone convince someone or make someone believe in you, you should know everything about the language of eyes, only then you can understand the gaze of the person in front of you.
If you can become attractive then let’s see what your eyes say

  • When you talk to someone with your eyes closed, it shows that you are feeling shy or nervous while talking. Often when you are emotional, you do the same. So while talking to someone, maintain eye contact because this is the first step of communication.
  • When you talk to someone with a slight smile on your face and make eye contact, it shows your positive thinking and interest, which shows a confident personality.
  • If you move to the right side while talking to someone, it shows that you are thinking of something creative or you are planning something.
  • So these are some important things that we should do while making eye contact with someone.

2. Body language

Whenever you talk to someone, along with your mouth  your body language also conveys your words to others. If the words are correct but the body language is not correct, then no one pays attention to what you are saying and your confidence is lacking.  While talking to someone, you should always keep these two things in mind.

How to make connection with any people
  • While talking to someone, you should always have a good smile on your face. Smile is a positive emotion which creates acceptance of you in the mind of others.
  • Check your posture, your posture should not be swaying, you should be straight, shoulders should be towards the back and head should be in front, always keep your body language correct, this makes you look confident.

These are some tips which will improve your body language.

3. Ask question

Why, What, When, How, Who, Where. Using all these questions helps you to move forward well because to answer these you will have to explain things to the person in front of you and most of the time you will spend that explanation.  When a person starts giving answers then he comes to his emotional level which is very good for report and questions starting with this word are very good open questions as well. Ex. What are your passions?  , why do you not like drinkers?, When do you settle in this city?  How do you know that? where do you dream to go?  etc. These types of questions are very good and remember one more thing, through all these questions and matters you should bring them to some common topic or matter that will be very good for both of you to talk about.
As we know “we love people with similarities”. We like those people whose ideas, thoughts, and choices are similar to ours, so try to talk on some common topic.

4. Keep Things Positive

Humans are more likely to feel happy and not sad and thus it is only reasonable for them not to be most likely to be associating with a certain individual if most of the things he or she is speaking is mostly the things that will make the other person feel sad or upset. Assuming that everybody always likes to give complaints, you have to be a little positive and complain little if you at all have to do it while you know the person. You would like to spread good vibes; this is because when you are happy or even a little cheerful, other people who surround you will also be happy or a bit cheerful as well, it will not be very easy for you to spend the whole day frowning.

If you find yourself saying something that is, well, negative, make an effort to follow it up with two positives to maintain that opinion is still positive.

This doesn’t mean you have to become another person or act like someone else.
In following the above ways, do not think of it as playing a new role, of imitating a new person. It only means that there are positive things you need to avoid learning from new people if you want to be easily recognized by them in the future.

How to make connection with any people

5. Give people sincere compliments

Regardless of the form, one way that people can interact with each other socially is by providing compliments. This means that you should look for at least one thing to love or admire about them and tell them a positive thing about themselves without going overboard You don’t want to sound like you’re sucking up but to say something like, ‘You are truly inspiring.’ It does not matter if you only give out one compliment within the course of the conversation. So long as you have refrained from complimenting the individual’s looks and his/her personal issues of interest, the individual in question will not feel that you are pursuing him/her. undefined

“Wow, I have never seen earrings like those that you are wearing, where did you purchase them?”

“Wow, I can only imagine that it is so difficult for you being a parent and coming to work every day, I don’t know how you do it.

“Hey, I watched your tennis match yesterday and it was really nice, you have a really powerful serve.”

6. Thanks people

Another way to engage with people is to make the effort to express one’s gratitude. This makes them feel valued, as if you care, and as if you realize that they are contributing to your life in some way. Always tell people that they matter to you and be genuine about it. Of course, generally expressing thanks to a coworker for giving advice or stating thanks to your neighbor for taking care of your cat can go a long way in helping you interact with people.

Do not simply say ‘Thank You’ or even send a text message to say ‘Thank You’. Spend some time to at least make eye contact with the person and simply say ‘thank you.’ It is also important to explain why that action was so valuable to you.

It also found out that thanking people increases people happiness and also makes both of you willing to help other people in future. Everybody wins!

How to make connection with any people

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